About Us

Hot Rodded Pins (HRP) is a full service pinball restoration business located in Moolap, Victoria - Australia.
Established early in 2010 by Tim Reid - HRP has quickly become a sought after option for pinball collectors and owners looking to add a unique game to their collection.

HRP offers a select range of restoration and refinishing services to its clients - from complete game restoration and management, through to stand-alone services - such as playfield restoration and cabinet stencilling/re-decalling.
The Hot Rodded Pins staff is small - comprising of Tim Reid and Stuart Coltish. Keeping a small staff ensures that each project that is handled by our business is cared for and is consistent in both form and function.

If you are considering a complete game restoration, or perhaps require a proffessional restoration component for your own project, consider getting in contact with us via our website.